Welcome to the Official Webpage of Author Ash Bishop

Welcome to the Official Webpage of Author Ash Bishop

Ash Bishop

I’m a lifetime reader, loving all things science fiction and fantasy. I have been a high school English teacher, and worked in the video game industry, as well as in educational app development. I even used to fetch coffee for Quentin Tarantino during the production of the film Jackie Brown. I currently produce script coverage for a major Hollywood studio, but I spend my best days at home in Southern California with my wonderful wife and two wonderful children.  Many years ago, I earned an MFA in Creative Writing from San Diego State University.  

My first novel, Intergalactic Exterminators, Inc. is coming soon from Camcat Books!

When Russ Wesley finds an unusual artifact in his grandfather’s collection of rare antiquities, the last thing he expects is for it to draw the attention of a ferocious alien from a distant planet. Equally surprising is the adventurous team of intergalactic exterminators dispatched to deal with the threat. The exterminators specialize in “ecosystem preservation”— a thankless job that involves hunting down alien predators of all shapes and sizes. They’re so impressed with Russ’s marksmanship that they insist he join their squad . . . whether he wants to or not. 

(You can pre-order it here, or here)

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This is my blog, Tick Talk. As my novel release grows closer, I will be occasionally writing about things that interest me. I hope to take a closer look at popular culture, searching for unexpected depth just beneath the surface.